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Below you will find a wide selection of digital resources created by ACS faculty, staff, and students. All are available for use in your classroom. Resources are organized by subject.



Writing the Natural StateCreated by Amanda Hagood (Hendrix College)

A class blog including essays, digital stories, and links about literature and environmental issues in Arkansas. Also includes links to all course assignments and readings.



Life is Linear. Created by Tim Chartier (Davidson College)

A series of four 60-minute webinars on real-life applications of linear algebra, including: Computer Graphics, Data Mining, Google, and Sports Ranking. Each webinar includes project ideas and questions for further research.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

county_gas_prices Analyzing and Creating Maps. Created by Mike Winiski (Furman University) & Jeremy Donald (Trinity University)

A suite of activities (including tutorials and interactive activities) designed to help students understand and use data classification when both interpreting and creating maps. Topics covered include: Looking Critically at MapsHistograms, Measures of Central Tendency, and Data Types; A Case Study of New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina; and Creating Your Own Maps.





Population and EnvironmentCreated by Carmel E. Price (Furman University)

A class blog including student essays on demography and environmental issues.


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