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New Professional Development Opportunities for ACS Technology Personnel


The Associated Colleges of the South is pleased to announce the revival of the Circuit Riders Program, which will offer up to $1000 in funding to sponsor peer-to-peer training workshops for ACS technology professionals. Building on the success of the faculty-to-faculty training model practiced in its earlier incarnation (1997-2005), the new program will be focused on the professional development of faculty and staff working in academic technology at ACS institutions. Many of our IT departments are already overburdened with service requests and maintenance duties, lacking the additional time needed to master new technologies or determine best practices for service delivery. This initiative, which provides incentives for ACS staff to develop workshops to be delivered at partnering campuses, will supply a cost-effective alternative to hiring expensive outside consultants and will promote further communication and collaboration between our institutions.




January 2014. Each participating department will complete a brief survey assessing its interest in and potential contributions to the program.

February 2014. The ACS will work with participating institutions to identify and develop potential Circuit Rider & Host Campus partnerships.

March-May 2014. Participants will submit a 1-2 page proposal identifying potential Circuit Riders and Host Campuses, describing activities to be completed under the grant, and outlining all project expenses in a simple itemized budget. Grant funds may be used to cover travel costs and the development of training materials for either virtual or in-person workshops. Grant activities must include the development of at least one sharable digital resource (e.g. tutorial, list of resources, etc). Proposals should be sent to Amanda Hagood (hagood@colleges.org) no later than Friday, May 16, 2014.

July-November 2014. Funds for selected proposals will be made available as of July 1, 2014. All workshop activities should include an assessment component.

December 2014. Participating institutions will submit a 2-3 page report describing project activities and assessing their impact and effectiveness.



Stipends. The ACS will grant a $500 workshop development stipend to Circuit Riders (individuals or groups) for preparing and delivering a workshop (virtual or face-to-face).

Travel. The ACS will cover up to $500 in travel expenses to cover each Circuit Rider’s or Circuit Riders’ travel to a host campus (or campuses).

Host Campus Expenses. Each host campus will be responsible for covering additional workshop related expenses, including: food and supplies for training sessions, as well as accommodations and local transportation for Circuit Riders. Any planned expenditures in this category should be noted under a separate heading in the project budget.


Please direct any questions about the Circuit Riders Program to Amanda Hagood, Director of Blended Learning Programs (hagood@colleges.org).


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