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Hanging Out with the ACS CIOs


ACS CIO Hangout with David Hinson (Hendrix), Bob Johnson (Rhodes), Vicki Sells (Sewanee), and Pat Schoknecht (Rollins)

This has been a busy semester for the Chief Information Officers of the Associated Colleges of the South. But even in the midst of their many responsibilities–managing a wide array of information services on their campuses, evaluating new technology solutions, and working with a myriad of campus groups–the CIOs are finding time to just “hang out” with one another. More precisely, they are using Google+ Hangouts to host intercampus conversations about everything from learning management systems to information privacy concerns to the need for recognizing and respecting individual campus cultures when introducing new technologies.  This dialog has been supported by Hendrix’s Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer David Hinson, who is using a new version of the Hangouts platform–Hangouts on Air–to open these hangouts to viewers across the consortium and to make recordings of all past conversations available through an ACS CIO Hangouts YouTube page.

This new energy also buzzed throughout the meeting of Instructional Technology personnel (representing ten different ACS institutions) that gathered at Rollins College to do just that.  This collection of Chief Information Officers, instructional technologists, and library staff, convened by Rollins’ CIO, Pat Schoknecht, spent two days discussing IT needs and strategies, exciting new projects, and possibilities for future partnership.


A computer lab in the newly renovated Bush Science Center at Rollins College.

The conference began with a tour of Rollins that highlighted several new teaching and learning spaces on campus. A common theme running through the design of these new classrooms and laboratories is adaptability: many feature modular furniture that can be easily rearranged to suit a variety of learning activities, or “whiteboard” walls that can be used for note taking and diagramming. Some are equipped with large monitors which can display not only the contents of an instructor’s screen, but also that of students’ computers, offering a high-tech twist on the time-honored technique of pairing and sharing. Each of these spaces is designed to allow students greater access to information and new tools for creating, analyzing, and collaborating.

Participants then listened to a series of presentations highlighting exemplary work on each of their campuses. Topics included new teaching and learning spaces, strategies for addressing information services needs and technology training, and software solutions for data storage and departmental assessment. As participants listened and learned from one another, enthusiasm grew. The many challenges of this moment, they agreed, are the material for exciting collaborations ahead. Look below for a listing of presenters and topics, and links.


Jessica Vagas (Rollins), Greg Longoria (Trinity), and Melanie Hoag (Southwestern) listen to a presentation on 3D printing.

The Relationship between Librarians and Instructional Technologists 
Jonathan Miller, Library Director, Rollins College
Rhodes Helpdesk: Blending Library and IT to Help Campuswide 
Wendy Trenthem, Rhodes College
Collaborating to Redesign Library Spaces for Students
Candace Wentz, Centre College
Davidson’s Center for Teaching and Learning
Paul Brantley, Davidson College
Digital Storytelling Across the Liberal Arts
Fred Hagemeister, University of Richmond
IMG_0250When HD Videoconferencing and MondoPads Enter the Scene
Jan Pontia and Anthony Hambey, Birmingham-Southern College
Lessons Learned from Designing and Teaching and Blended Learning Certificate Program
Anna Lohaus, Rollins College
The Many Uses of WordPress
Jessica Vargas, Rollins College 
3D Printing as a Means Toward Visual Spatial Learning
Fred Hagemeister, University of Richmond
Amy Sugar, Rollins College
Introducing a Moodle Upgrade with Lunch and Learns
Wendy Trenthem, Rhodes College
P2Ps, MAWs, and FITIs
Carrie Schulz, Rollins College
Qualtrics and Camtasia Relay
Greg Longoria, Trinity University
BOXing the Cloud
Michael Vick, Furman University

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